I'm Ricardo Rodrigues and I hold a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Madeira. This my Personal Website read more about me, feel free to check my portfolio or simply contact me.

About Ricardo Rodrigues

I’m Ricardo Rodrigues and I finished my Master’s in Computer Science, in the University of Madeira (January 2010) – where I also did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. My curriculum vitae can be downloaded here.

My fields of interest have to do with human-computer interaction and where we can use freely our imagination. Work on software engineering and do research on Human-Computer Interaction. Some of my professional interests are in software engineering, formal methods for software development, social networks, human-computer interaction, usability, web designing, 3D modelling and digital animation.

Other field of interest is about my Master Thesis work. My thesis was supervised by Nestor Cataño. The thesis is about a JML-Based Formal Development of a Java Card Application for Managing Medical Appointments.


JFly: A JML-Based Strategy

I can characterize me for my persistence, looking for new challenges. Never left a project undone, and always love to learn. I like to work in a team, although working alone isn’t no problem for me.

I have a strong relation with people and no problem making new acquaintances. I love to do sports, specially basketball that I practice since my 12 years-old.

My skills:

  • HTML & CSS imageimageimageimageimage
  • JavaScript imageimageimageimage
  • Java imageimageimageimage
  • PHP & MySQL imageimageimageimage
  • Python imageimageimageimage
  • Ilustrator imageimageimageimage
  • Photoshop imageimageimageimage
  • Flash imageimageimageimage
  • JML imageimageimageimage
  • ActionScript imageimageimage
  • UML imageimageimage
  • C/C++/C# imageimageimage
  • Scheme imageimage

My features:

  • Creative
  • Persitent
  • Ambitious
  • Hard Worker
  • Self-critical
  • Flexible
  • Deadline driven



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